Car dealership websites are one tough choice. You have the multi-billion dollar company that charges you a fortune, and you have the very basic car dealership website that tries to exist in a very complex and competitive environment. Neither choice is right for you because you just don’t have the people in-house to manage such complexities.

On the one hand, you want your car dealership website to be seen by everyone in your area, but trying to make this a reality can either be nearly impossible, or downright expensive. For the basic car dealership website vendor, you have a simple setup with little functionality. They don’t have any automation built in, they don’t offer any social network integration, they don’t have any email capabilities, and they don’t offer any customizations. On the other hand, you have the mega conglomerates that you’re either forced to use, or they have highly complex websites that require you to hire a PhD in order to make a few updates.

So the choices are, live with a basic car dealership website that delivers little, offers no upgrades or customizations, and then makes you believe you’re doing everything you can because after all, “Your inventory is online, what more do you want?”. Of course, the mega conglomerates have you believing that because they’re so big, they can deliver more than anyone else. While this is purely fiction, they’re going to do everything in their power to make you believe this. They can provide SEO, social network integration, emails and more. So why not pick them? Because if you need something done, get out your wallet! I mean the wallet you keep in the company safe. You want SEO … that’ll be $500 per month! You want an email server … that’s be $20 bucks per email account, and you can’t send out any newsletters! You want social network integration … that’ll be at least $300 per month! You need to change the price on a car … just update the price in your DMS, and sooner or later, it will change on their website. You need to setup an email campaign? For $20,000 dollars, they’ll download every customer you have in your database and provide you a list for you to send anywhere you want. Not a list that they will use to help you create and send a newsletter, because that’s not part of their website “package”, but a list that you need to send somewhere else and pay that company to build you a newsletter and email campaign.

INA2N car dealership websites are far more advanced than anything you will even be offered by any company at any price. We make WordPress car dealership websites running the world renowned Divi theme. You don’t need to hire any PhD’s, you don’t need to make a phone call that will cost a fortune. We make your car dealership website faster, more appealing and search engine optimized right from the start. You can have your own powerful email server to blast out emails and it’s included in your monthly subscription (PRO plan).

Car dealership websites have evolved, and INA2N is delivering.  We give you 10 days to see if a WordPress website is right for you.

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