It’s important for you to understand that when you invest your time and money into your car dealership website, you need to make sure that what you’re buying is actually going to work.  What do I mean by this?

In the world of websites, if you’re reaching out to consumers, you will be required to have a fast, SEO friendly website.  That means there is much more to just posting a bunch of pictures to just any website and hoping it all works.  You can’t have hope for success, you must engineer success.  This is where INA2N really shines.  When you came to our website, you’ll notice it loaded in just over 1 second.  1.26 seconds to be exact.  That’s screaming fast!  That’s faster than 88% of all websites.  Why is this important?  Because this is what consumers have come to expect, and this is also what search engines demand of you.

So how do we achieve such great results?  That’s a very long answer, but I’ll give you an outline and some pointers.

  1. A very fast server
  2. A very fast website with the right content
  3. Social networks


Let’s start with your server and your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  Here in Bristol, TN, we are a gigabit community.  That means we have a fiber optic network of transmission lines for carrying the internet to and from our servers.  This is the backbone of the speed you seek, however, it’s just one side of the coin.  The other side of the coin is your server.  Now without going into things like gigabit network switches, virtual machines or load balancing, it’s important to understand that your server configuration must be geared to deliver your website content very quickly.  Does your server compress your website content as it streams to your visitors browser?  Is your server setup to leverage browser caching?  While everything is required, your existing host most likely cannot deliver what you need, and may never deliver the speed you need.  No worries, we have you covered here at INA2N.

Now for your website.  What’s a very fast website?  This is a website that processes requests and delivers the content quickly to the server.  Processing website requests is measured in milliseconds and no part of your website should ever take more than a few hundred milliseconds.  This is what’s so great about WordPress.  The community is always on top of performance and if there’s a performance hit, the support forums light up with complaints.  These errors get resolved quickly, and it’s as if you have your own IT professionals living in your car dealership.

You saw an example of fast content delivery when you clicked on the link to come to this blog article.  If you’re on a desktop computer, you can see a short list of automotive magazine articles posted on the right sidebar.  If you’re on a mobile device, just scroll down to the bottom of this blog article and you’ll see the first automotive magazine article.  I built that snippet of code to deliver RSS feed content very quickly so that you don’t see any performance delays.  How did I do it?  The RSS feed makes multiple concurrent (parallel) connections to the magazine articles, and then delivers the results back to our server in one large variable (a variable is a file stored in memory) that is processed instantly by the PHP code that builds the articles you see on the page.  If you click on our ‘Favorites‘ page, you will see that this will take a few seconds because instead of pulling in just three articles, it’s pulling in twelve articles!  Even with such an enormous amount of data being processed (more than 5 megabytes), this page loads in just 7.86 seconds!  That’s faster than the home page of most car dealership websites!

My RSS feed plugin is a standard on all INA2N websites because it gives your website dynamic content that search engines crave.  You’re not required to use it, but it definitely helps and it won’t slow your website down.  I setup the ‘Favorites‘ page for demonstration and for my clients seeking the latest in automotive news.  You can visit that page every morning, afternoon and evening to always be on top of what’s going on in the industry.  Since this is part of your INA2N website package, you can select any magazine publications you want for your website.  You don’t even need to publish the page for public consumption, you can just have it for your own private use.  This is a great way to help your salesman find interesting articles for conversation during the sales process.  Even if you don’t subscribe to our car dealership websites, please visit our ‘Favorites‘ page multiple times a day to start great conversations with your customers.

Now let’s move on to the last requirement, social networks.  When I mention social networks, most people just roll their eyes and they hate the idea of writing a blog article for their website.  Then, as if that weren’t enough, they have to post the article to their social networks.  Why?  Because Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are all websites that are far more popular than your website will ever be.  This is good for you.  Part of any SEO scheme is to have external links pointing to your website.  What does that mean?  That means you want a URL link to your website coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.  In the world of search engines, this verifies your websites existence and the more social network links you have, the more popular your website ranks within the search engine listings.  So when your future customer types in a car or truck they want, your website comes up first because the search engines believe you are the most popular.

To conclude, the infrastructure of your website is far more complex than many are lead to believe.  I know you’ve seen commercials about how easy it is to setup a website, and as you can see, this very short list of SEO requirements is just a start.  A full SEO implementation is far more complex, but that’s why you need INA2N.  We have the full SEO infrastructure in place already, and you will see immediate results.

Your website should be the primary focus of your car dealership, and it should provide you the tools you need to be successful in your day-to-day sales process.  We deliver the results others will never comprehend because they have never stood on the sales floor of any car dealership to sell a car.  As you know, I have over 1,500 sales to my credit and that number is probably upwards of 1,800 over a 10 year sales run.  I know the sales process intimately, and I know what I wished I could have had for sales tools at my fingertips.

As always, just call, text or email me.

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Tom Heibel
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